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Library Tales: Take 3 Revenge is Forever By Thianna D @the_weremouse

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It’s my pleasure to introduce you all to Thianna D! Thank you to the author for taking the time to do this!

Thianna D will be hosting the Erotic Holiday Countdown on her blog from the 1st December until the 31st! See Thianna D’s author bio below for further details. Don’t miss it!


Please Note: This book is for 18+ readers and contains scenes of a sexual nature.



Introduction by Thianna D:

I have long since had erotic fantasies about and involving books. Maybe it has to do with my first erotic experience was from something I read, or maybe it was the years I spent in libraries, either way, they made way for my Library Tales. The first 2 Library tales are BDSM oriented. The third one takes a divergent turn.

Library Tales: Take 3 Revenge is Forever
Genre: Explicit Paranormal Erotica

In this book, vampires are a naturally cruel species. To them humans are nothing more than walking/talking blood bags. Once mature enough that they don’t kill everything they drink from, vampires tend to capture humans, bleeding them a little daily or weekly, using their bodies for their pleasure until they die. They are known as vessels. Once a vessel, that individual lives only to serve their master.

Camilia has been forced into the life of a vessel by her guardian Blayton and no matter how badly she is treated, she refuses to give him the one thing he demands from all his vessels. This excerpt takes place after she finally realizes what she is to him.

After that her days became monotonous. Elixer six times, steak three times, fucked into oblivion at least once. Over and over, day after day, until she had no idea how long she had been there or even who she was most of the time. And yet, even as her weakness and her desire for him increased, so did the desire to remember who she had been. Because of that one need, she was able to deny him the one thing he insisted on from his vessels and had never been denied before.

Her complete surrender.


Book Description:

Library Tales: Take 3 Revenge Is Forever By Thianna DThis library tale is darker than the other Library Tales. It also does not contain BDSM. Instead, this tale takes place in a castle in the Scottish Highlands where Camilia finds out her guardian, the man who has been spanking her ass in his private library for four years for perceived transgressions, is in fact a vampire.

Join Camilia as she fights against the irresistible draw to the vampire who controls her every move. When she thinks she has won, she finds out she has lost everything. How long can revenge last when she now has to obey more than him?


Author Bio:

Thianna D has written her entire life, but it wasn’t until she started writing Thianna Derotic that she truly found her passion. She writes both het and gay erotica (m/f & m/m), many with BDSM themes. She is also hosting the Erotic Holiday Countdown on her blog Dec 1-31, 2012, 31 days of free erotica by 7 different authors, including herself. Added to all the free erotica you can read, one lucky reader will win their very own original erotic story. Currently, she has a gay bdsm erotic series The Blake/Dusty Chronicles, of which 8 of the 10 are published. There are 3 Library Tales with more on the way, and one paranormal erotica called Twice as Nice: Anya’s Tale.


Where to Buy:

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