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The Last Note by Zaida Alfaro @zaidamusic

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Many thanks to Zaida for submitting her novel, The Last Note, to The Novel-List.


The Last Note By Zaida AlfaroTHE LAST NOTE By Zaida Alfaro

About The Last Note:

The Last Note is a novel which not only engulfs the reader in the life of the young, witty, and lovable main character, Vy, but is also meant to provide its fans with the first of a series of novels based entirely on the murder and music genre. This 70,000+ word novel will appeal not only to those readers who love a good murder mystery coupled with humor, but ones who wish to become familiar with the world of a musical talent trying her best to come up through the ranks of performing in bars to superstardom. In this first novel, Vy introduces the reader to her less-than-glamorous life as a struggling singer at the Steel Horse Bar. The Steel Horse Bar is a representation of the typical local bar where everyone knows each other, including their dirty little secrets. The regular patrons and staff bring to life the scene of a murder shrouded in deceit and mayhem.

Vy is a young, up and coming lead singer for one of Miami’s top cover bands. On what was supposed to be a typical gig night (musical terminology duly explained throughout the novel), the bar’s owner, Ricky Callister, is killed in his office at the Steel Horse Bar. As the evening progresses, she is introduced to the sexy Detective Houston, who along with his sidekick, Detective Gunbar, is in charge of the investigation. That does not explain, however, why it is that Detective Gunbar was at the Steel Horse Bar before the murder even transpired. As the novel progresses, Vy and her string of friends, including her sister Alexia, help to solve the mystery and the ensuing murder(s) and at that same time, Vy is trying to unwind what her feelings are for the enticing Detective Houston. Why would a singer want to solve a murder you ask? The answer lies in the mysterious notes which Vy is receiving, from an unknown person who is anything but a fan, informing her that she better be careful or she will be the next corpse to be investigated.


About the Author:

The novel’s main backdrop, the amazing city of Miami, Florida, is beloved and well known to me.  It is rich in Cuban heritage and I tried to bring that out in the novel by way of threading through the quirkiness of characters firmly based in that ethnicity and language.  Miami is also where I received my Bachelor’s in English with an emphasis in Shakespearean literature.  Like the novel’s main character, I am the lead singer to a self-proclaimed leading Miami cover band, PUSH.


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