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This blog was created in the hope of giving authors another outlet to get some promotion for their book, and at the same time give their potential readers a central place to find more information about them.

I’ve not been on Twitter very long, but in my short time retweeting authors I’ve noticed a few things:

  • Some authors don’t appear to have an online presence (at least not one they talk about much) so their audience is limited to Twitter users
  • Not everyone likes to use a social network; it can feel too inclusive
  • A few authors rarely tweet about themselves as they don’t want to self-promote so readers are unaware of where to buy their novels
  • Even those that do have a website don’t have many people linking to them or the website is difficult to navigate
  • Sometimes when authors tweet their links they have errors and that can be frustrating for readers to find out where they’ve been pointed to

The majority of authors I see on Twitter don’t have these problems at all, or there are other issues that I haven’t covered here, but it made me wonder if I could possibly help authors other than just tweeting here and there?

And so, it’s with a great delight that I present The Novel-List! The idea is that an author will send me details of their book and perhaps say a bit about themselves (full details available on the Submit Your Book page), and I will in essence be giving them an opportunity to reach a potentially wider audience.

I hope authors and readers a-like will enjoy this blog. Feel free to retweet, reblog, Like, and Share posts from authors you personally want to spread the word about.

Thank you for reading what I have to say. 🙂


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