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A lesson in humility (aka why I am grateful for my Twitter followers)

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I don’t intend to write many posts about me, but this is one time I will as I feel I learnt a valuable lesson.

When I made this blog I decided to announce it on Twitter by saying:

Sorry for the lack of RTs this weekend, but I’ve been busy. I hope I don’t regret this, but Authors that follow me: … ❤

I said I hoped I wouldn’t regret this because my imagination got ahead of itself. I am certainly no Twitter superstar, but I get new followers regularly, and my little Twitter family is growing nicely. I figured all the replies I’d get regarding this blog would be keeping me busy and would eat up some of my freetime. I was wrong.

Let’s go back a bit. When I started my Twitter account last month I didn’t think anyone would pay any attention to me. All I wanted was to drum up a bit of free promotion for some indie authors, maybe make their day that some random person on Twitter was giving them a shoutout, but that’s as far as my line of thought went. I was pleasantly surprised when I started to be followed back, and then followed by people following them, and my retweets were being retweeted (which was the whole point), and people were talking to me directly like what I had to say was worth discussing.

And so I thought about my little blog idea for a while. “If the majority of authors like being retweeted, and like having more of an audience, maybe they’d like to get their name out there on a wider scale” (Twitter is huge, but Twitter, plus WordPress, plus Google Search, is bigger – and blog posts don’t easily fade into obscurity if you’re willing to keep on promoting them). I created it, sent the link to Twitter, and logged off. Hours later I came back and… nothing. My hits were growing, but they weren’t from Twitter (which is where I’ve decided to concentrate on getting my authors from, although I’ll possibly rethink this at some point).

Now that’s not to say I think I’m all that, but it did remind me that I am a very small fish in a big pond. Authors are busy people. Twitter is quick and instantly interactive and I’m asking authors to take time out from their schedule of writing, editing, and promoting to click on a link and read what I have to say, AND email me (something not everyone would be comfortable doing), AND take the chance that time spent on this could be spent on promotion that is guaranteed to work. That’s a big ask, and then there’s the thought that many have hundreds or thousands of followers so my one little tweet was likely to be lost in a crowd anyway.

Since then, the link I added was retweeted, my blog has been followed, I had my first comment, two people from WordPress liked my first blog post, and someone has privately been in touch about it. I am grateful for each and every one of you that decided it was worth the time to do that. More than that, because of the lack of interest that I thought might have been there, it also makes me appreciate the retweets, favorites, mentions, follow Fridays, and all that other lovely Twitter stuff, all the more. I was always happy to retweet the majority of my followers, I never needed any thanks or reciprocation, but I am delighted to receive it and now I value it higher than I did yesterday. I might not get much interest here, and that’s fine because it’s a small project and I’m asking a lot for no guarantee it will help the authors it’s aimed at. And if it does get interest? Well, that’s fine too because it means you rolled the dice and decided to give this a go.

Time is precious; it should be spent exactly as you wish to spend it. If you read this blog post until the end (whether you’re an author or not) I am thankful for that as that took time away from what else you have to do in your life. I’m human and got a bit carried away in my head, but it was worth it to feel humbled and to see that my followers do more than I ever originally expected; I could not ask or want for more from them. Thank you all.

Have a great day everyone. 🙂



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  1. Your humble kindness is greatly appreciated 🙂

  2. Apologies for not replying sooner, gingerstepgirl. I think I must have moderated it in my sleep!

    I was thinking about you the other day actually! It takes me longer to get round to retweeting my followers the more I have, but I noticed that you haven’t been on Twitter or your blog (or Facebook) since… well, since you replied here. I hope you’re doing alright and everything is okay with you. Sending best wishes your way.

    Not sure you’ll even see this comment, but it feels like I am invading your space if I post it on your blog. Wish you and everyone who reads this well.

  3. No worries, Zana. I have had a neck injury that has made writing very difficult. I am finally recuperating and hope to have a new post up soon. Thanks so much! Best wishes!

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