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Thank you for stopping by! My name is Zana and I shall be your host this evening.

I decided to create this blog after observing authors in their natural habitat. They’re interesting creatures; they appear to sleep mostly in the day, and feed and Tweet during the night (like vampires). This could possibly be an incorrect assumption due to my timezone, but I will stick with this assertion until I discover something to contradict it.

Unfortunately, also like vampires, authors need help promoting their novels – have you heard of any vampires that have written a book? I think not! – and that is where I come in. I can’t give anyone the moon on a stick (that would be impractical and quite absurd), but I can tweet… and blog.

If you are a reader of books, and particularly fond of Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords, and you’re willing to give any Indie authors that may write a guest post a chance, feel free to follow this blog and see what delights you might discover in the future. It’ll make my day!

All the best.



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  1. Hi Zana. Followed your blog. (Or followed-back? Not sure what it’s called on WP.) Have fun with it 🙂

  2. I appreciate the follow, Like, and comment, Oleg. Thank you! We’ll see how it goes. I think the idea is pretty good, it just depends if authors want to take me up on it. 🙂

  3. I am sure there are plenty of authors that will jump on board. Start with the once you talk a lot and it will pick up. 😛

  4. Thank you, Oleg! The sentiment is very sweet. I have a couple of people lined up, but I don’t want to make any announcements yet just in case it falls through for some reason. Saying that though there are a few I’d love to ask, but I’m wary of being pushy. I will see how it goes. 🙂 Hope you are well!

  5. I am dandy, thanks! Just a couple is a good start. Find your format, etc. I am sure you’ll make some adjustments to the original plans once you start so, better start slow 😛

  6. Indeed you’re right, Oleg. Already I’ve changed the appearance of the comments. 😛 I’m just trying to decide which I prefer. I thought nested looked good, but then we began replying back and forth and it gets a bit messy after a while. Flat view is harder to follow if there’s more than two people having a discussion, but it looks neater for now. Such difficult decisions bloggers are faced with! 😀

    But seriously, I’m happy to say I’ve had the first “guest” and I’m very grateful to Neha Yazmin for giving my blog a go. If I can help Neha, or any author, get noticed a bit more or to get a few more sales then it will all be worth it.

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