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Time for an update

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I don’t know how many of the people that followed my blog or profiles will read this, but I feel that I should explain why I haven’t been around much since last year, as well as why I don’t think I’ll be back properly anytime soon.

I always wanted my online presence to be about promoting Indie authors rather than anything to do with myself, so I tried my best to keep my personal life and opinions separate to what I tweeted or posted about. Unfortunately, when a friend of my family died, I had too much on my plate for promoting authors to even cross my mind. When a relative had an accident soon afterwards, I rushed to be with them. I didn’t even think to mention it on twitter as I thought I’d be back soon after, but things didn’t quite work out that way.

I ended up permanently moving in with my relative to look after them. I’m happy with my life as it is, I get to see my family and old friends a lot more, and I don’t mind that I left my old life behind, but the one thing I do miss is the amazing authors I met online. We don’t have internet here, and even mobile phone signals are flaky. The closest internet cafe is several towns over which is how I can write this, but because I’ve been busy it’s been difficult to find the time to get around to doing it. I’m sorry to say it, but I can no longer be around like I used to be.

This blog never quite worked as well as I’d hoped it would, but I’m really grateful to @NehaYazmin, @DianneGreenlay, @_DakotaDouglas, @zaidamusic, @PhyllisBurton, @CatFromTheAlley, @pinevilleheist, @WodkeHawkinson, @the_weremouse, and @CynthiaKimball for taking the time to get in touch with me. It meant such a lot that authors that didn’t even know me took the time to write me a message and let me highlight their novel on my humble little blog. I’m also grateful to anyone that ever spread the word about any of the authors I mentioned. Good luck to each and every one of you!

Although I’ll still have my profiles for facebook, twitter, and G+, I won’t be able to follow back or have the chance to interact with you all as I used to. I can only apologize for that. I didn’t want to show favoritism, but I did end up buying, downloading, and reading, a lot of books from the authors I followed. I recommended several books to friends and readers who followed me, and I know some of you got positive reviews based on those recommendations. I’m only sorry I couldn’t read faster and promote more while I was around.

So, that’s it really. I wish you all good luck with your writing and careers. Be kind to one another.

Thanks for reading.

L’Amore Perfetto By Cynthia Kimball @cynthiakimball

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I’d like to say a huge thank you to Cynthia Kimball for letting me post about her novel!



Introduction by Cynthia Kimball:

L’Amore Perfetto is a charming feel-good romance for someone who doesn’t want a difficult/complicated premise – and for those who want to feel teary and say “ahhhh” when the ending comes. A recent reader said she was suggesting it to all her high school and college friends. Another reader is in her 50s and adored it.


Book Description:

Romance meets a modern-day fairy-tale.

L'Amore Perfetto By Cynthia KimballNicki hates to date; the whole putting herself out there night after night after night is not her thing. Unfortunately, her roommate is the exact opposite. When Kristen comes up with her newest man-catching ploy, joining a discriminating dating service that accepts less than 5% of its female applicants, Nicki sees an opportunity and gets Kristen to agree that if she applies and does not get accepted, that Kristen won’t bug her about going out for nine months.
Full steam ahead, she jumps into the multi-step application process. Each step increases her desire to make it to the next one and when she makes it, she is thrown into a world she didn’t know existed. Will she falter in this new life or will she make it to the end and meet her soul mate?


Author bio:

Ever since she learned to read, Cynthia Kimball has been imagining stories. As soon as she learned to write, she started penning them down. A bibliophile, Cynthia enjoys many genres of books including sci-fi/fantasy, romance, erotica, non-fiction and all things Shakespeare. As an artist, ideas can strike at any time so she carries a tiny book around to make notes on as inspiration hits.

Her newest novel, L’Amore Perfetto, is what she calls ‘Romance meets modern-Cynthia Kimballday fairy-tale.’ While not what she considered her normal genre, the story flowed in six days and after a year of editing, re-editing and sitting on it, she elected to send it directly to the e-audience. Humor is a major part of her writing and this story made her laugh while writing it and continues to do so today. Enjoy!

Due to the positive response to L’Amore Perfetto, she is currently working on a new dating service story as well as a few young adult stories that have been floating around her mind for awhile. Currently, besides L’Amore Perfetto, she also has a Sci-fi/Fantasy novel out In Search of the Drasta and a book on Green Cleaning.

She is just getting started releasing the wonderful books, novels, and novelettes she has written. Stay tuned for more coming your way.


Where to Buy:


Contact the Author:

Library Tales: Take 3 Revenge is Forever By Thianna D @the_weremouse

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It’s my pleasure to introduce you all to Thianna D! Thank you to the author for taking the time to do this!

Thianna D will be hosting the Erotic Holiday Countdown on her blog from the 1st December until the 31st! See Thianna D’s author bio below for further details. Don’t miss it!


Please Note: This book is for 18+ readers and contains scenes of a sexual nature.



Introduction by Thianna D:

I have long since had erotic fantasies about and involving books. Maybe it has to do with my first erotic experience was from something I read, or maybe it was the years I spent in libraries, either way, they made way for my Library Tales. The first 2 Library tales are BDSM oriented. The third one takes a divergent turn.

Library Tales: Take 3 Revenge is Forever
Genre: Explicit Paranormal Erotica

In this book, vampires are a naturally cruel species. To them humans are nothing more than walking/talking blood bags. Once mature enough that they don’t kill everything they drink from, vampires tend to capture humans, bleeding them a little daily or weekly, using their bodies for their pleasure until they die. They are known as vessels. Once a vessel, that individual lives only to serve their master.

Camilia has been forced into the life of a vessel by her guardian Blayton and no matter how badly she is treated, she refuses to give him the one thing he demands from all his vessels. This excerpt takes place after she finally realizes what she is to him.

After that her days became monotonous. Elixer six times, steak three times, fucked into oblivion at least once. Over and over, day after day, until she had no idea how long she had been there or even who she was most of the time. And yet, even as her weakness and her desire for him increased, so did the desire to remember who she had been. Because of that one need, she was able to deny him the one thing he insisted on from his vessels and had never been denied before.

Her complete surrender.


Book Description:

Library Tales: Take 3 Revenge Is Forever By Thianna DThis library tale is darker than the other Library Tales. It also does not contain BDSM. Instead, this tale takes place in a castle in the Scottish Highlands where Camilia finds out her guardian, the man who has been spanking her ass in his private library for four years for perceived transgressions, is in fact a vampire.

Join Camilia as she fights against the irresistible draw to the vampire who controls her every move. When she thinks she has won, she finds out she has lost everything. How long can revenge last when she now has to obey more than him?


Author Bio:

Thianna D has written her entire life, but it wasn’t until she started writing Thianna Derotic that she truly found her passion. She writes both het and gay erotica (m/f & m/m), many with BDSM themes. She is also hosting the Erotic Holiday Countdown on her blog Dec 1-31, 2012, 31 days of free erotica by 7 different authors, including herself. Added to all the free erotica you can read, one lucky reader will win their very own original erotic story. Currently, she has a gay bdsm erotic series The Blake/Dusty Chronicles, of which 8 of the 10 are published. There are 3 Library Tales with more on the way, and one paranormal erotica called Twice as Nice: Anya’s Tale.


Where to Buy:

Library Tales: Take 3 Revenge is Forever – Smashwords Link –

Library Tales: Take 3 Revenge is Forever – Amazon Link –


Contact Thianna D:

Blog –
Amazon Author Page –
Twitter –
Facebook –

Blog update: submit your novel via contact form

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When I started this blog the only way to get in touch with me to ask for a book submission was through Twitter (via direct message) or by email. Unfortunately, Twitter DMs aren’t the greatest way to communicate, and not everyone wants to give out their email address or has the time to send one. What I need is a contact form stating exactly what I require be filled out.

I don’t know how I never realized this before, but WordPress offer that as an option! I have now added a contact form so that authors can submit their book even quicker than before to my blog. I don’t require your email address, or for you to get in touch with me before submitting your novel. I ask that you still please read my Submit Your Book page and view previous entries before sending in your submission.

Thank you to all the authors that have so far submitted their novel and to everyone that has tweeted about, linked to, Liked, or commented on, my blog. It really does mean a lot!

ZEKE By Wodke Hawkinson @WodkeHawkinson

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Thank you again to Wodke Hawkinson for letting me feature another one of their novels on my blog. Read more about their other novel, Betrayed.


Please Note: This novel contains sexual scenes and violence. 



About ZEKE:

ZEKE By Wodke HawkinsonZeke is a dark novel of sexual obsession, psychological manipulation, and looming peril.

Sue Cox is a naive college student who falls for the exciting new clerk at the local used bookstore. Captivated by Zeke’s brooding good looks and menacing but irresistible charisma, Sue capitulates to his will, leaving her wide open for exploitation. Zeke begins to exert subtle control and entices her to leave town with him. As they travel, his behavior grows more deviant and increasingly volatile.

After Sue’s car is found deserted in an outlying cemetery, the police dismiss her parents’ concerns since it appears Sue left willingly. The Coxes immediately hire William Falstaff, a small-town private investigator. He begins his inquiry with only two objectives. First, to verify that Sue’s departure is voluntary. And second, to provide her family with information on her whereabouts.

A simple case. However, he soon finds himself locked into a chase to save Sue’s life. Will he find her in time or will she become another victim of a cunning sociopath?


Author Bio:

Wodke Hawkinson is the name under which indie writing duo, K. Wodke & PJ Hawkinson, produce their co-authored works. In addition to popular novels Betrayed and Zeke, Wodke Hawkinson has published three volumes of short stories: Catch Her in the RyeBlue, and Alone, and two short story singles thus far. Karen and PJ live in different Midwest towns and do much of their collaborating via phone and email. They are currently working on a sequel to one of their novels and an epic fantasy. Their third novel, Tangerine, has been picked up by a publisher and is set to be released later this season.


Where to Buy:

Available in several ebook formats through Smashwords, or for Kindle from Amazon.



Contact Wodke Hawkinson:

In addition to their website and blog,, they also host a site for readers and other authors: which features book lists, flash fiction, a blog, and excerpts.

Their Twitter ID is @WodkeHawkinson and they enjoy connecting with readers and fellow authors/writers.

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